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About Us

Know The History Of Levans Esfiharia

Our story

Levans Esfiharia was established in 2019 at the place of origin of Max Pizzaria, an artisanal pizzeria with 17 years of tradition and based on the same family of entrepreneurs. Recognized in the Cambuci neighborhood, famous for gastronomy and beloved by its residents, it has been expanded and is located at a new address nearby.

Whoever orders with us today does not imagine the story that started Levans Esfiharia. After many requests from customers of the pizzeria for esfihas, an idea emerges from one of the partners, offering this new product with quality in a renovated location. Despite the optimism, the start was not easy, there were months of research on culture and Levantine gastronomy, tests in a small apartment kitchen, tasting with family and friends, including those with Arab roots, to reach the flavor of the east, so wanted by customers. With no major financial investment and starting a restaurant from scratch, had to sell a car to pay for part of the equipment and thus start a great passion, which is the multicultural gastronomy.
Shortly after the inauguration, the effort showed signs that they were on the right track, like a customer who drove thirty minutes to the store to buy kibes for his pregnant wife, saying his wife wanted that kibe, or a young woman who called to thank and say that our sfiha tasted like her childhood, the sfihas that her grandfather prepared when he owned a traditional Lebanese house.

Our brand came from the French word Levant, which means “sunrise”. Meaning towards the rising sun in the region where the Levantines lived, currently Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Cyprus.

Our main product originated in Syria and Lebanon arrived in Brazil by the first Arab immigrants between the 19th and 20th centuries. They brought their own traditional family filling to bake in large ovens of cousins who prepared the dough. Over time, arab food became extremely popular with Brazilians, having several adaptations to the regional taste, with new flavor ideas, thus molding a constant evolution of a handcrafted product created centuries ago, called esfiha – sfihah – esfirra.

Taste Our Delicious Food

Our handmade cuisine use premium and fresh ingredients.